Clostridium difficile Infection (also referred to as C. difficile or CDI) is a bacterium that causes problematic inflammation in the colon, known as colitis. Like many infections, C. difficile can be contracted from contaminated surfaces.

  • About the Study

    You may qualify for this research study if you:

    • Are male or female, aged 18 or older
    • Have signs and symptoms of C. difficile
    • Have been diagnosed with C. difficile

    You may not qualify for this research study if you:

    • Have had more than one prior episode of C. difficile in the previous 3 months
    • Have a history of chronic diarrheal disease(s)
    • Have recently tested positive for other gastrointestinal pathogens
    • Have had major gastrointestinal surgery
    • Have received treatment for C. difficile
  • Study Location

    Affinity Health
    2425 W. 22nd Street
    Suite 209
    Oak Brook, IL

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