What to Expect


Once you have shown interest in participating in a research study at Affinity Health, a study coordinator will contact you via phone. The study coordinator will ask you a series of questions pertaining to your medical condition(s). Your answers to these screening questions will help the study coordinator determine whether you are eligible for the research study.

If the study coordinator determines you are eligible for the research study, they will schedule your first visit.

Your First Visit

While the pre-screening phone call determined your eligibility for the study, your first visit will determine if you qualify for enrollment in the research study.  You must meet the physical requirements of the research study in order to qualify.

During your first visit, a physician will:

  • Conduct a physical exam
  • Review your medical history
  • Conduct any necessary tests
  • Review the specifics of the study, including risks
  • Address any of your questions regarding the study


If it’s determined after your first visit that you qualify for enrollment in the research study, you will be asked to sign the informed consent documentation. Once signed, you are considered enrolled and will be given further instructions regarding your medical treatment through the study.

Follow-Up Visits

Every research study is different, but you may be required to schedule and complete follow-up visits over the course of your participation. At your final visit, you will be asked to provide an overview of your results and experience. Depending on the study, compensation also may be provided at the completion of the study period.