• What’s a clinical research study?

    A clinical research study is research that utilizes patient volunteers to test the effects of medical treatments. Physicians are able to use research study findings to improve healthcare by discovering the most effective ways to diagnose and treat medical conditions and illnesses.

  • Who qualifies for a clinical research study?

    The qualifications vary from study to study. Patient volunteers must meet certain criteria in order to participate in a clinical research study.

    Every study applicant will go through a screening process with a member of the Affinity Health team to determine if they qualify for the study for which they are applying.

    Patient participation in clinical research studies are voluntary.

  • Why should I enroll in a clinical research study?

    There are several reasons a person may choose to enroll in a study. Some benefits of participating in a clinical research study include:

    • Access to quality medical care from experts who specialize in your condition
    • Receiving care at leading healthcare facilities with cutting-edge technology
    • Access to new treatments before they are widely available
    • Playing an active role in your own healthcare
    • Contribute to important advancements in medicine
    • Compensation may be provided